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What is Maya Resort?

Maya Resort is an upcoming eco village and resort designed to provide a new experience in living. As the world’s first open source destination, we seek to blend ancient knowledge with modern technology, to build a collaborative community that operates in harmony with nature.


The systems of infrastructure we use on a daily basis for water, food and energy, while functional, often come at a cost to both the recipient and the planet. Simply put- the human experience is due for an upgrade.

It is easier than ever to become consumed with work, distracted by technology and addicted to social media. When combined with typical living expenses, this routine often leads to a life of performing tasks out of necessity, instead of living by what we feel inspired to do.

Maya Rising is designed to remind us of the power that we hold, the creativity we possess and the light that resides in all of us. A balanced and elevated version of humanity is not only possible but inevitable. The time has come to work together as a planet in order to bring about a new reality.

Where is it?

The planned location for the Maya Resort is in the Toledo District of southern Belize, positioned perfectly along the Deep River, in close proximity (20 miles) to nearby developments taking place in Placencia.

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In addition to the $100M being invested by Norwegian cruise lines for their new port Harvest Caye, many other developments are taking place that will have a positive impact on the area.

Just a two hour flight from both Miami and Houston, Belize is the Caribbean destination of choice for both the young and old. Whether you're coming to experience the world-renowned diving of the Great Blue Hole, visiting one of the many Mayan archaeological sites or are simply looking for an adventure- Belize has it all.

Individuals above the age of 45 may be eligible for the Qualified Retirement Program, as long as they intend to stay a minimum of 30 days out of the year and can meet  additional requirements. Click here for full application.

Who We Are

Directed Evolution is a collective of visionaries and creators. We are a research and development company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah that focuses on implementing new ways to use technology and design to positively impact the world. For more information, please visit our website at www.DirectedEvolution.net

Our Philosophy

By designing systems that work for us, while operating with a higher degree of respect for our natural environment, our energy is then freed up to focus on the most important aspect of all- enjoying life.

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